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  • listThank you, RepoKar, for my new car! I'm so happy I found it here!
  • listI recommend this site to all my friends now. Really awesome, easy to sort everything, easy to navigate. Keep it up guys!
  • listIt realy helps you a lot, all these search tools you have. Found what I wanted really quick!

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After making one payment, you drive away with a car that's yours! Seems as if it's too good to be true: I've been to this Auction twice, and will continue to return in the future.Jason


I brought a car from this Auction and am very pleased with the whole experience from the vehicle to friendly staff. Chat Live staff was very helpful with financing application procedure. I will be going back and will tell all my friends about this auction.Brayden


I got to their website via Craigslist Ad. Anyway, I saw the car which I liked with beautiful pictures of the car all around. This place and the employees are good.Abbie


When I drove the car home the check engine light came on. I was not happy. So I called not knowing what to expect thinking that most likely no one will help me out. But actually I got the opposite. Thanks guys!Andy

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